Useful guide to the properties in the refugee camp of Calais. The residential area of the “New Jungle” is a large residential area of 500,000m2 in the outskirts of Calais, France. Surrounded by a 5 meters-high metallic fence and equipped with running water and lights, the “New Jungle” offers different housing typologies, both old and newly built.

“This zine by the Defrost Studio is a welcome antidote to the many photographic projects that have emerged around the refugee crisis. Using the notorious and now destroyed Jungle camp in Calais, they copy the graphics and tone of a holiday let brochure. It is wicked and brilliant at the same time” - Martin Parr



Wedding album of a wedding that really happened (but that’s not the topic of the album). The topic here is the groom preparation for the wedding, during his last day in his parents’ home. The day he leaves the nest is a very sad and iconic day for an Italian man who’s going to get married. Through a short series of pictures we want to reminisce and elevate that day. Congratulations Mario!